The Lady Sky HIGH... FOX ELITE Iron Man Bikini Champions 2012

In this arena one doesn’t have the option of comfort. These days move at a quick clip, nowhere is that more evident than entering into a pre-season at full speed ahead. Understand this is no ordinary life. Change, growth and great talent are always to be expected.  Easy? You be the judge. It’s a short span for many and long enough for those whose obsession and work ethic would drive them capable of becoming something they didn’t necessarily think they could be capable of becoming, just by choosing to work really- REALLY hard. Nothing to lose.


These ladies have been beating at their craft relentlessly, day in and day out.  There is no half-ass attitude that exists here. It is brutally exhausting to witness the sacrifice, yet extremely rewarding with the experience each one of these ladies can take away (win, place or show), given the opportunity to dig deep.  You can have the best plan in place on what you want and expect your career or life to be, but if you don’t act on it or take the opportunities to deliver, you’re stuck.


They endure and prepared and the experience is further elevated by a glorious victory for the ladies of Fox Elite. 

We appreciate everyone who came out to cheer us and who has stood alongside supporting us through the “thick and thin” as we prepped for the start of the season. A spectacular performance from Alyssa, Crystal, Victoria, Jessica, Kelli and Shiri at Lonnie Teper's NPC “Iron Man”  Magazine’s Bikini competition held at the LA Fit Expo this past weekend. Lonnie, “thank you” for the recognition on and off the stage, exciting event! Jon Lindsay, thank you for your feedback and words of wisdom.  And to my loyal team of professionals, "Thank you" for adding the final and crucial details your work ethic is flawless. I can always depend on you.  Love you to death Tiana Rae! Glenn Mergelmeyer you're class act... the Fox Suite was a perfect retreat with one hell of a skyline... grateful! Luis... we appreciate you, all the ladies look amazing and can now cherish these memories you have captured through a lens for a lifetime.


Lastly, the “family” known as Fox Elite, I "we” wouldn’t have this success without you.  We are a force together. I know I’m not one to constantly stroke at your ego (talk is cheap), tough love has its rewards, however, efforts never go unnoticed. I cherish each and every one of you “off and on” stage.  And of course, much love to that sweet child O’ mine who made this boss lady fall off her seat.


CONGRATULATIONS to you all! Stay hungry, stay humble.

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