A few weeks ago, I had the incredible pleasure of beginning my training with Bea. WOW! I wasn't just working out my body- she was working on my mind, my self-esteem, my confidence- everything! She helped me to realize all of my dreams could come true. She & Emile helped me to stop starving myself and truly eat healthy foods throughout the day. She teaches me to respect my body and myself and stop starving myself with crazy fad diets! Incredibly powerful.

Then I found out I was pregnant! I am still so thrilled! Bea knows how to train an athlete, an out of shape stay at home mom, a pregnant woman, anyone! I feel amazing. I know that with her guidance I will be in a bikini on the beach with my baby in my arms next year after the delivery- in a safe, healthy way. I feel so great. I showed my doctor what Bea and Emile recommend to eat even before I got pregnant. The doctor said this plan is incredibly healhty. I have continued to eat healthily as Bea has taught me. I feel GREAT!

Yesterday the doctor told me after my blood work results were in that I have no anemia anymore! I was shocked! I have been anemic FOR YEARS! Not so anymore! Because of Bea's nutritional program, I have completely changed my diagnosis through diet alone. My doctor is very happy!!

Bea, you're amazing. Please ladies- share with everyone you can who will listen to see Bea. Whatever stage of life you are in, she can help. Her results are amazing! Again, I know that with Bea as my trainer and mentor I will be the hot mom in a bikini on the beach. No more wearing coverups and being self conscious because of her guidance and wisdom. I look forward to a heathy delivery and future.I thank God I met Bea everyday.

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