The BIKINI BODY Shop Program

Millions of women long to have a beautiful body yet never accomplish their goal. They either don’t have the drive and the determination, or lack the proper guidance from a knowledgeable Fitness Professional, until now.


12week transformation program

Would it be worth it to get a great value in a program that would guarantee great measurable results every month until you reached your ideal bikini body?

Bare it all SEPTEMBER 1st, 2011

Dear Bikini Body Shop Program Candidate,

You’ve see “her” as you pass by the cardio equipment at your gym. She smiles confidently as you see her move comfortably in her own skin.


Her stomach is firm, her waistline tight, her shoulders are sculpted and rounded off, her bright smile exudes unbreakable confidence, and she stands tall solid on strong lean legs with a sexy shapely butt.


She is sexy and poised perfect with an athletic yet feminine build.  She is a vision of health and fitness. Her image is respected, she is a TEAM Fox Bikini model, the picture of being strong and sexy that so many women crave to acquire.


You ask yourself “How Can I Have a Body Like That? How can I achieve that TEAM Fox look?”




The TEAM Fox girls have been creating a head turning sensation everywhere they go and so can you. Let Us show you the MUST KNOW to succeed the look you desire.


For the first few action takers, we mean the most motivated, "I must do NOW!  Sign before September 1, 2011 and mention KTLA 5 for special offer. Call 562-435-4639 to Register Now.


YOU are motivated, driven, and in 12 weeks you will:

  • Build tone, feminine lean muscle
  • Lose pounds and pounds of fat in just weeks
  • Get healthier than you’ve ever been in the process
  • Look , feel better and feel sexier than EVER

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