“Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” Mahatma Ghandi

I have been in and out of the M2 schedule a number of times. It was not until I was at my lowest (physically and emotionally) that I decided I needed to go back.

It must have been fate... my first day back in the door was the day prior to the M2 & Tight Curves Transformation Challenge. I thought I would commit in order to get myself back on track and into a healthy routine. Little did I know, exactly HOW challenging and HOW different it would be from the life I was living pre-M2 & tight curves transformation.

My goal was to go from 36% body fat to "my" ideal 12%. 12 weeks doesn't sound like a long time, but it was enough time to be fully committed and hard-working at times, and other weeks, tired and fed-up. If it were not for my fellow competitors and coach, I would have quit! No doubt.

My goal of 12% may have seemed unattainable and discouraging at times, but I knew that if I didn't at least give it my all I would hate myself for never trying. In the short process, I didn't reach my ultimate physique, but then again my coach says I’m blind as a bat and I did manage to go down from 36% to 20% body fat within 11 weeks. Wow!

I not only feel better about myself but I’ve found out that I’m capable of doing even more. I’m becoming a believer. Going this far with a goal has given me the drive and the courage to continue in pursuit of my goals and physical transformation.

I can honestly say that I am proud of what I accomplished in the 11 weeks, but! I’m not done yet. I have an even bigger determination to be the best that I KNOW I can be.

Carol Cristobal

M2 Team Fox & Tight Curves Transformation Challenge

I accomplished the biggest feat of my life and I’ve overcome the one thing in my life that has negatively affected me the most. ~Chelsea

"I hope to inspire others in reaching goals, working hard for what they want and I want my fitness goal to be an inspiration for others to change their lives for the better". This program really tests your discipline and dedication...there are so many opportunities for you to slip, cheat, not go to the gym, etc. but by doing that, you're only letting yourself down. This is tough on you mentally, physically, and emotionally, but I believe that for the few who can actually stick to it, the rewards will be more than worth it. M2 is a true test of character, discipline, strong-will, dedication, HARD work, endurance, and strength. I am very proud to have come as far as I have in such a short amount of time, and by seeing these results, it just makes me want to keep pushing. So slowly but surely, I think I'm becoming the person I want to be..."

M2 Team Fox & Tight Curves Transformation Challenge

“Different eating patterns than his more athletic days”...

Jeremy was the typical guy working like crazy, a little golf and a bit of "different" eating patterns than his more athletic days.

18 May
Wt. 207... Bodyfat% 20.5... Fat 42.4 lbs... Muscle 164.5

08 Dec
Wt. 212... Bodyfat% 07.7... Fat 16.3 lbs... Muscle 195.6

I’m stronger, more confident and I have to admit… I LOOK DAM GOOD! And no one can take that away from me because I earned it! ~Rebecca

Would I be able to do it... was a question that repeatedly went through my mind. I took on the challenge because I was tired of not being happy with myself, I was tired of wishing. At some point I started to believe in myself. When I was able to complete a 60 min cardio session at max intensity- with no one watching to make sure I did it, then, it was obvious that I was moving on the right track. That alone was a big accomplishment for me, since four minutes on the treadmill at a light jog seemed like an eternity and left me gasping for air. I'd be lying if I said it's been easy... on the contrary it's been the hardest thing I've ever done. I didn’t choose the most comfortable options which were to snuggle up at home with my husband and eat junk food while watching TV.

Staying motivated has proven to be a challenge for me but overcoming my moments of weakness has made me stronger. Part of this process has taught me how to dig in deep to find my inner strength because at the end of the day, this is for me."


Denise is a Business woman, Mother, Wife, Grandmother and now also a competitive Figure Athlete and fitness Coach!

"I took one look at Bea and said “I want to look like that”! She has been my inspiration from day one. Over a year ago I decided to come support my husband at M2 and I never left! Within a number of months, I found myself on a competitive stage. I’ve been taking care of my family for twenty seven years and this is the first time I am doing something for myself.

This has been an incredible journey. The training has absolutely changed my life! Physically, mentally and emotionally I am a different woman. Bea has transformed my body and soul, sculpted my image, and taught me to see things that I would never dream possible. I am a Mother of 20+ year old daughters and a Grandmother and feel like I am 21 all over again (I’ve been told I look it too!).

M2 builds strong women, friendships; we share our strengths and are empowered to do the impossible."

“Ms. Excalibur 2008 Masters Figure Champ”

"I met Emile in 2006 when I joined M2 Fitness Pros. First of all, Emile is a Rock star and Bea is absolutely fabulous! They are incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness. They personalize each client's meal plan, weight training and cardio routines. M2 Fitness Pros offers a ton of different variety, so it's not always the "same Ol Same Ol". M2 Fitness Pros will change your life and I recommend it for anyone who wants to get fit!!! "

"Emile is a very good motivator and has the ability to hold your interest in the tasks he sets out for you. He’s dedication to his profession is very admirable."

"In preparation for a swimsuit shoot"…

"I finally began my training at M2 Fitness, years after meeting Bea while out running errands one afternoon in the city. In preparation for a swimsuit shoot and having only a few short weeks to get into the best shape of my life… after my agents suggestion, I decided to seek one of the best team of coaches in Long Beach and I have since changed direction in my life. If you’re looking to take your fitness to the next level- look no further. Their cutting edge training style will inspire every aspect of your life. I am now in training for my first fitness competition in Mid December. I’ve also embarked on a new career which is allowing me to combine my previous health and modeling experiences. M2 stands by … real life, real stories, and real people. "

"In preparation for Ms. California Pageant"…

M2 Fitness has been an integral part of my fitness life the past 2 months. They have worked hard with me and my body to attain my desired results. They have molded my life style to be dedicated, hardworking, determined and most importantly taught me how to live a healthy lifestyle. They have become family and wish them continued success!

“13 years with M2”...

I suffered a heart attack; my physician explained that he was surprised by my condition at 66. He pointed out that he was seeing the positive results of a long term (13 years w/M2 Fitness Pros now!) Training program and healthy diet, his recommendation was to continue with this system.

Global Real Estate

"I've been with M2 since 02 and have since left one company and started my own...my days are stress filled and the workout with M2 keep me much more stress free. Controlling the stress and improving the quality of my life is really more of what I want. I stay more positive with the morning boot camps...it's like a mini networking positive thinking seminar daily for me!"

Farmers and Merchants Bank

"Over the years I have trained with you, your instruction has truly been beneficial and has helped me to excel in both my personal and professional life."

NFL-ret, NY Giants

"As a professional athlete...boot camp style training closely resembles the kind of training we do to get ready to transition from off season"

"Thank you Emile and Bea for literally “kicking” my butt in gear!" ~Asma

"I'm a 37yr old, mother of two darling daughters. I had reached an unthinkable weight of 213 pounds. Tried several diets and weight loss strategies, nothing! as effectively or successfully as M2Fitness Pros. I went through a yoyo cycle of losing and gaining weight and got depressed along the way.

I am now at 184 pounds and almost close to my 165 pound goal. Emile and his partner Bea have been encouraging throughout my workout regimes- they know I can do so much more and that is what motivates me so much.

I agree with your slogan “M2 4 life."

SKLAR Center for Women’s Wellness

"What M2 fitness Pros offered for me that others didn’t was a real understanding of injury, how to work around them and how to overcome them and this comes from his very long experience and extensive knowledge on how the body works and body mechanics."

Office of Dignitary Protection, CHP

"I’ve know Emile for over 17 yrs now. Wife gains weight, husband gains even more weight. Things aren’t going well physically or mentally. I’ve lost 24lbs, gained lean mass, lost body fat, and I feel like I’m 30 again at 43. If knew if anyone could get me on the right track it would be M2fitness Pros. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me and my family."

Bixby Knolls|Long Beach, CA

Tricia is a USC Engineering Graduate who stepped on a competitive stage after Four months of training with the M2 Pros… she is now embarking on a new career.

"It would be hard to say to someone, “I know how you feel,” when one has never done the same type of hard work to achieve their own goals. I now believe in leading by example, and that’s one of the reasons why I originally set out to compete so I could be able to say “I did it!” Yes, the hard work’s paid off but it has turned into so much more for me.

I’m no longer the same person. I am stronger inside and out, more confident… I know I’m not done growing yet. Bea has helped guide me in my journey to becoming a competitive Figure Athlete. She has walked along side me- every step of the way pushing me to bring out the most & the best in me. She is also one of the most inspirational people in my growth and with her guidance I will continue on my journey—sky’s the limit!"

Lead Singer, Julien K, Project Revolution Tour/Linkin Park

"Emile helped me break ten years of hard partying, sleepless nights, and self-abuse. I was reluctant to begin training, because looking Buff would have a negative impact on image and brand. Emile put my mind at ease and trained me to be LEAN, ripped, and athletic. My live performances have become more fun and more effective, my thinking clear, and my career... Saved.

Thank you Emile!"

"Size 10 and Still Shrinking..."

"When I decided to "get healthy" and lose some much needed weight, my fitness routine consisted of walking to my mailbox and cocktail hour -- and if it should rain, cocktail hour was postponed -- and reading mail was never high on my list of things to do.

Six dress sizes later... I am beginning to rebuild my wardrobe and I am really enjoying all of the new found attention!!

I have learned to suffer through their workouts for the greater good!!!"

Thanks to the M2 team for giving me an opportunity to realize a dream. ~ Donna

B.U.D.S NAVY S.E.A.L Training| Coronado, CA

"If your fitness goal is looking better or performing better, M2 Fitness Pros can get you there. They know exactly what your weaknesses are. They are sculptors and you are the clay, you will be molded into a magnificent piece of art."

Semi Pro Baseball Athlete

"Being an athlete, I’m always looking to better my game. I hooked up with M2 fitness Pros and the rest is history. I dropped 8% body fat and gained about 8lbs of muscle in a number of weeks and now I have a great understanding of what my body needs and how I wasn’t feeding it what it needed.

From day one I bought in and it’s paid off huge in the long run. I’ve taken leaps and bounds on my game, on the field off the field, my time management is better, I’ve just better my life in every aspect and it’s really worth it! "

Long Beach, CA

"I'll be 40 this February and feel more alive than I ever did in my twenties". ~Julia

I been with M2 Fitness Pros since 2003, after having my son at 25 I had been struggling with myself to lose the weight that I had gained during my pregnancy. Finally! I didn't only lose weight training with Emile… I lost the fat! and while losing the body fat I also gained muscle shaping my body but most important I gained my self confidence.

Being physically active was not even a thought in my mind before training with Bea and Emile. I hated exercise, period! From running to lifting weights and the worst part was the sweating. If someone would have said to me that after thirty "I would be running and involved in any sort of sport" I would have told them it was nonsense!

Since then I've completed 3 half marathons, 3 Mud Runs at Camp Pendleton and a few 5 and 10 Ks. Next May I will be competing in the out rigging team races also known as "Paddleling".

Without Emile and Bea's help, support, and armed knowledge I would not be who I am today. I could never thank them enough for their commitment and dedication. Their nutrition classes are also a must! Their teaching and philosophies have changed my life 360 degrees! Since, I've been a happier, energetic, healthier and fit me!"

"In 9 weeks I lost 7.7% body fat, 21.4lbs of fat, and gained 9.4% lean mass!"

"This school teacher is transforming his body and never looking back. His M2 personal trainer has enabled him to drop unwanted pounds and a bunch of body fat. His results are impressive.

They will teach you how to work with the issue and even eliminate the pain…

"I would tell them that M2 Fitness Pros is the best training program I have ever experienced and is one of the best programs for health and fitness. In addition, if you have an ailment, like a back issue or aches and pains, go to M2, they will teach you how to work with the issue and even eliminate the pain."

M2 Fitness Pros transforms lives ~Megan

Ask Megan, who has made huge changes and took this great photo after climbing to the top of Mt. Whitney (the highest point in the continental U.S.). This is what Megan has to say about M2 Fitness Pros...

Well, as you probably saw from my email - I MADE IT! WOW! What an unbelievable experience. Thank you so much for guiding me towards such good physical (and mental!) health. The work you did with me made more of a difference than I can describe. Without your guidance and expertise, there was a good chance I would not have had the physical ability to make it to the summit. You equipped me with so much - stamina, strength and knowledge - and made the whole thing so much more possible.


I highly endorse M2fitness Pros ~Homeira

"Working with M2fitness Pros, I feel fantastic! I’ve had my own challenges and health issues myself and these issues have significantly improved through this program.

I feel stronger and healthier than I have felt before. I highly endorse M2fitness Pros and would encourage others that have tried other programs to make this their final stop."

Belmont Shore | CA

"I lost 24 pounds last year!”

"I'd honestly say that I learned a lot from M2 Fitness Pros...M2 gave me the tools and the motivation to go to Gold's 5x a week, and lost 24 pounds last year. I wear my heart rate monitor every day, and do H.I.I.T cardio. I track down everything I eat, still.
Also, a lot has changed in my professional life, the company made over a million dollars last year, and we are ranked the #1 detective agency on the west coast, by one of the biggest law firms in the country. I go to the gym every day, get there whenever I can, work out, and rush right back home. So everything fell into place."

"His programs have saved my life!”

"I can say without hesitation that this man and his programs have saved my life. I am a recipient of a quadruple bypass surgery. My body was shutting down and my breathing had decreased to the lung capacity of an 88yr. old man, the lack of activity caused my metabolism to go out of whack and before I knew it, gained 65 pounds. The day M2fitness answered my call I changed my life. The life lessons I have adapted, directly due to the m2fitness program, are those that are now being implemented on a daily basis."

Running Back, San Francisco 49’s

" M2 Fitness Pros doesn't let me get away with anything like my other trainer's. I haven't had one actually train with me at the same time, it’s good to see and very motivating! The other coach's just direct me but didn't sweat it out with me. I wouldn't train this hard in the off season on my own"

Under the guidance of M2fitness Pros, I have lost weight, increased my endurance and strength and have changed the body in a way that has bolstered my personal confidence and energy level. In the stressful seven day workweek that I have one of the unexpected benefits has been a heightened ability to focus on my work and remain positive.

In part this is because of Emile’s ability to motivate as well as educate. He knows how to keep me involved in a consistent workout pattern, even when my inner self says I’m tired and need a break.

I would recommend him highly to anyone who doesn’t mind a little hard work for a lot of gain.

COX Industrial

" Under the guidance of M2fitness Pros, I have lost weight, increased my endurance and strength and have changed the body in a way that has bolstered my personal confidence and energy level. In the stressful seven day workweek that I have one of the unexpected benefits has been a heightened ability to focus on my work and remain positive."

Author “Lucky”

"The real deal. Practices what he preaches 24/7 and inspires his clients to do the same. My time with Emile has been the most productive time of my life inside any gym. I see Emile for one intensive and mind-stimulating session each week. I look forward to it, give my all to it, and am never disappointed in what I take away."


" A couple of months ago, I read a book “Lucky” by Alice Sebold and noticed her thanks to you for teaching her the true meaning of three more reps. I still use the training that you taught me. You are the epitome of what fitness is, and truly no other trainers have even been comparable to M2Fitness Pros."

RK Securities Investor

"I look forward to each and every workout and I’m confident that our friendship will be everlasting. “You have planted a seed in me that will sprout to new heights."

Gold’s Gym

"I highly recommend Emile for the IHRSA/ACE Personal Trainer of the Year....he is the consummate pro and set the standard for my other trainers to follow...he also is a vital part of our Group X program and his classes are always full!"

Emile and I have worked in the same business environment since the 1980’s. I have on numerous occasions witnessed his leadership, teaching skills and professionalism in conducting group exercise, personal trainer seminars and informational classes pertaining to both endeavors. Specifically, I am impressed with the humility and patience he employs with the less athletically inclined client.

I appreciate his precision when implementing the various kinesiology and biomechanics. Emile easily demonstrates the personal prestige of a professional motivational speaker. His teaching style embraces effective strategies and methods to encourage group, as well as individual rapport.

“His support and encouragement have been invaluable”...

Emile is an experienced and educated health professional who offers what I consider to be a complete program. His understanding of fitness encompasses more than a mechanical knowledge of exercise and form. Diet, work, stress, sleeping habits, in short, a complete picture of the whole person is his foundation for building a training program and measuring progress.

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