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Emile a.k.a. “Mr. Fat Loss” had aspirations like most kid’s of being the star of the team, however, never really getting the opportunity to be the first pick. While having many interests in a variety of sports none really excelled for him in comparison to most boys his age.


He continued to fit some kind of sports activities through high school and upon his exit in his senior year; he decided to pursue a career in the military.

A spark that ignited into a flame and our man had his eyesight locked in with the serious interest of being picked for a unique type of team led to becoming a candidate for the U.S. NAVY SEAL TEAMS. This level of commitment to total fitness excellence has continued into a career of exercise and fitness pursuits so far spanning over 32 years.

From military trained muscle to bodybuilding and extreme fat loss, Mr. Fat Loss while serving over 10,000 others has finally found his niche…”The Ability To Teach The Fine Art of Fat Loss”.

While fat loss tips can be suggested by anyone, only a handful can teach this craft to be permanently a way of life. Currently running the exclusive M2 Fitness Pros training studio… preparing business professionals for success and athletes for various levels of competition, operating multiple outdoor Boot Camps, serving the community and holding Fat Loss seminars in Long Beach, California, Mr. Fat Loss and Bea Fox continue to expand M2 Fitness Pros into becoming not only the powerful fat loss brand…but a service to the global online marketplace.

I’d like to provide you with as many resources that are available to you so “YOU” can choose for yourself and be able to measure the claims made by each of the experts on the marketplace. Along with the ones I feel are important to include when putting together and building effective fat loss programs.

I’ll also be very blunt in many cases, not to offend , but to shake some of you up that have been saying you are “trying, thinking, or should” DO or that “it’s too hard to change” …a bit more than “doing” what you should be doing to accomplish healthy fat loss as your goal.

In my mind, over all improved mental and physical health should be everyone’s goal on the planet…actually, to be the best human being you can. Without making this a political forum or blog, instead, comments focused on important fitness and health related topics will be welcome and appreciated with fat loss more as a side benefit of healthy lifestyle changes.

Although it seems that each year there’s new ideas about the best or fastest method for fat loss…human beings have not changed physically from the beginning of time and unlike technology, do not adapt or evolve as quick.

Same stuff that got people lean a hundred years ago, still works today…hard, purposeful work.
That being said, you will not find a short cut method here, nor will I endorse it, but you will find simple common sense approaches to an age old desire…lean muscle.


I look forward to not only giving you the fish, but teaching you for a life time how to manage a once challenging skill into fat loss mastery.

I look forward to working with you,

Emile Jarreau, aka Mr. Fat Loss


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